Eugene Onegin Read-Along ~ Chapters 3 & 4

(c) Ken Howard/Metropolitan Opera

In part 1 of our read-along, we met a rather vain but world-weary Eugene on his way to his inherited country estate.  By chance, he befriended his neighbor Vladimir Lenksy, a young, Romantic (and romantic) poet.  We also get to meet Olga Larina, Lensky’s beloved, and her sister Tatyana, as opposite in personalities as Onegin and Lensky.  Chapter 2 concluded with a pithy description of the sisters’ mother and father.  There’s much to suggest that every “narrator’s aside” in this story holds some significance, so we’ll see if/when/how these themes tie into the story.

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I have a little catching up to do, but I hope to post my own thoughts over the next week.  🙂  It’s been great reading all of your posts so far!

Chapters 3 & 4 Questions

– Impressions of Tatyana and Olga?

– What do you make of Onegin’s reaction to Tatyana?

– How does the story, thus far, compare or contrast with another classic romantic novel (of your choice)? 

Ongoing Questions

– Reactions and/or predictions?

– Any quotes or passages that stand out?


~ St. Tatiana is commemorated on January 25 (or 12, on the Julian calendar), so that would be Tatyana’s name day.

Feel free to comment with any additional notes that you find interesting!