Hi all,

I’ve been so remiss in my blogging this year, it hardly seems like a big announcement – still, if I don’t explain it, it may be confusing altogether…so, yes, it’s worth announcing.  After five years of being Tanglewood – from Hawthorne’s Tanglewood Tales – this blog is (soon) going to be noonlightreads.blogspot.com.

Since the time I split out my book reviews into their own blog, I’ve always felt 1), glad I organized it that way, and 2) still wistful my book reviews were partitioned off from my main blogging.  Recently I’ve concluded that changing the name and URL is probably the easiest solution to this quandry.  By naming it similar to my non-book blogs, the blog can still be its own “thing,” but it’ll make it easier for me to link content across all three blogs, as sometimes I’d like to.

I did a bad thing this weekend, and that was to buy another book.  Actually, what I did next was worse: I started reading it.

When I think about it, Ishiguro is probably my #1 writer’s inspiration – not in terms of style, but as regards his actual ability to write about topics he would supposedly not “know about,” yet write about them with plausible conviction and extraordinary insight.  Granted, I base my impressions of him on the only book I’ve read through, The Remains of the Day.  That alone is enough to impress, but, as I flipped through An Artist of the Floating World, I became even more interested in seeing how this Japanese immigrant had approached a topic close to his roots, post-WWII Japan.  To me, as a biracial American, the most intimidating subject would be to tackle one’s own ethnic heritages.  I’m reading An Artist with that thought in the background – how would you go about writing this?

2 thoughts on “Blog name changing! And Ishiguro.

  1. Change can be a revitalizing thing! All the best with the new set-up!I haven't read Ishiguro yet. He kind of scares me. Plus I feel so overloaded with what I have to/want to read, he's quite a bit down my list. Perhaps I'll just slot him in one day!


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