Friday Thoughts: Things I Do When I’m Not Reading

(What I really need to do: go outside.)

For better or worse, I’m one of those people that doesn’t procrastinate much on things I have to do – work, chores, running errands – but when the end of the day comes around, very often I don’t feel like doing what I really want to do (deep down): that is, improve my mind with reading.  My brain says it’s too tired to be improved and deserves a break.  I don’t really buy it, but I usually end up doing something else anyway, such as:

  • Play solitaire.  Currently obsessed with Scorpion.
  • Watch YouTube videos (sometimes while playing Scorpion.)
  • Watch a TV show with the family.
  • Find more books to read, on Goodreads (ha ha).
  • “Window shop” online.  (And occasional real shopping.)
  • Work from home.  Those pesky emails…
  • Take a nap. 

I have, at various times, experimented with a more rigorous schedule.  Last January (2017), I made myself do a lot of study reading, which was nice in retrospect but a bit wearisome at the time.  Nanowrimo 2016 saw me give up all my spare time – and I mean very nearly all – to building my own story, which was a great experience (it worked!) but not something I’ve whole-heartedly committed to since then.  

Right now I’m trying to find a good balance between “assigning” time to read and keeping reading fun.  Part of that is just including fun books to read in between more weighty fare.  Last night I started Fitzgerald’s Tender Is the Night and could hardly put it down, so maybe that will pull me away from the screen for a while.