Battling Reader’s Block

Hope everyone is doing well this fine June… It feels like the month is FLYING by.  Tomorrow is going to be about 90 degrees where I live, so I’d say summer is here.

Albert Bierstadt - Matterhorn

Since I finished 12 Rules for Life, I’ve been having pretty bad reader’s block.  You wouldn’t necessarily be able to tell… Current status seems productive:

  • Still slowly plugging away at the Tesla biography (it’s interesting but very brainy)
  • On track for Cleo’s read-along of The Four Loves (Lewis), though I failed to post for part 1 (will roll it up into the next part)
  • Also reading Master and Commander (O’Brian) and The Scapegoat (du Maurier), both of which are pretty good books so far

I think recent “real-life” stress has zapped my attention span.  I hate it when that happens.

There are certain types of books that can get me out of that.  I will probably keep sampling books till I find one.  Till then, it might be kinda quiet around here…


  1. My library actually had one collection of Continental Op stories on ebook available. I read \”The House on Turk Street\” all the way through last night. 😀 Thanks for the rec!


  2. Thanks! 🙂 I notice Sharon has been reading Maigret lately… I'll have to look into that series. My only exposure to hard-boiled fiction is The Maltese Falcon film which I didn't really like, but I'd like to give the genre a fair chance.


  3. I agree with mudpuddle and R.T. I am going through the same problem so it's funny you should write about it. I have also been feeling pretty puny this week. When that happens I have a hard time concentrating on weightier stuff. So I am enjoying a mystery by the lamentably little known Roy Vickers.


  4. I went through a Bogart faze and watched a lot of his films. I didn't care too much for it either. But the other continental op stories I enjoyed very much.The short stories are especially fun.


  5. Don't you know that you're not allowed to have reader's block during my read-along. Wait until next month! 😉 LOL!I have a little bit of reader's block myself but it's only because I've been so busy. And it's an unexpected busy. I'm going to try to keep up for my own read-along but it will be difficult. I will however persevere! After The Four Loves it will be time for something easier … I think …


  6. I'm actually on track for Four Loves! 🙂 I don't have a ton to comment on yet, but that may be due to my current mood rather than the book itself. I've been busy *and* feeling dreary lately, a bad combination for reading/blogging.


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