Autumn Plans

It feels as if my reading has been slipping by the wayside, but that’s not really been the case.  Most of the books I’ve read this summer just haven’t blown me away, so it’s been a bit of a disappointment.

Reading status update on a few of the better ones:

  • Tesla biography – I do like this book, a beautiful balance of academic and popular science.  It’s very Educational, so it’s taking me a while to get through it.
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – Reading this for the 3rd or 4th time.  It is my favorite thing to read when I really want an escape.  
  • Nostromo – Still chugging along, now in part 2.  New characters, new goings on.  I’m surprised actually at there being new characters; not sure where Conrad is taking it.
  • Moby-Dick – Still participating in the read-along, but very much behind schedule.
  • Brave New World – Started strong, then realized I needed a break from dystopian.  Will continue shortly.
  • Psalms – Finished them!  Now re-reading Proverbs.

There’s been a lot going on in my life lately (which unfortunately I can’t elaborate on yet), but I expect things to settle down quite a bit in October. 

I have all kinds of plans for when that happens.  Finishing these books is naturally a priority.  Updating the blog is also on the list (I never did get it set up the way I’d like).  The podcasts and the vlogs ARE coming back… that is, I have every intention of starting them up again, this time not to stop.  It might not actually happen till January, but it’s on the radar for sure.  🙂

I’m also planning to launch a second blog, where I review songs and share poetry and other snippets of writing.  I’ve shared some song reviews here before, but it doesn’t seem like the right place for it.  I found a lot of great music this year and have started writing poetry again, so having a separate blog for that kind of thing just makes sense.

Writing…I will be doing more writing in general.  I must edit my book – which some of you kindly read as alpha-readers 🙂 – incorporating your feedback and my own second impressions into the next draft.  I also started another story which I’d like to publish as a web serial, putting out installments a few times a week if I get ambitious enough.  It would be more or less unedited, just an experiment to see if I could write a story that way. I actually did something like that before, in high school, just didn’t share it with anyone (which was just as well). 

Nanowrimo is coming up in November, too, which I will participate in, so as not to break my “participation streak.”   🙂 

So yes… fall is here and I have too many plans as usual!  But I am excited for life to slow down and the chance to get back into doing all the things I enjoy.