A Comment Conundrum

A couple of you brought it to my attention that the embedded comment form was not working for you…  I have changed it to pop-up format to see if that fixes the  issue.  If you have a moment, drop me a comment to let me know it works for you now, or if it doesn’t, please send me a note using the Contact Form in the sidebar on the left. On mobile devices, you can pull up the sidebar by clicking the hamburger icon:

Sorry for the inconvenience, by the way!!  I’ve been debating switching to WordPress, and this might be the catalyst for that. 


  1. Note … for some who comment, the browser might be the impediment …. for example, Safari creates problems for me, but I get around it by adding Chrome to my iPad …


  2. Thanks, R.T.! I suspect some recent browser upgrades may be causing issues for some visitors, or maybe Blogger itself is need of an update by Google. Probably the latter, as they seem to have stopped developing it on a regular basis. 😦


  3. This definitely works. I know that it's more cumbersome for you though because you can't directly reply to comments. But I'm jumping for joy because I don't have to switch to Firefox every time I want to comment. I would vote for WordPress. Mostly it's easier and more fluid. But I will still be following (and commenting) either way!! 🙂


  4. 6 mos. or so ago i had to get a google chrome account in order to comment on google blogs: i don't think G allows comments on any other whatchacallit (what's the word for, like, wordpress, google, etc.?)


  5. Mudpuddle – Hm, that's a pain. I have mine set up to take Anonymous or Name/URL comments, but to be honest I'm not sure if it works. Another vote for WordPress I take it? 🙂


  6. Marian, I couldn't get anonymous or name/URL to work either. And I have a Google account but it never let me sign in. With the new pop-up comment window, I can sign into my Google account. I have no idea why. I started my self-hosted WordPress blog because my Blogger blog all of a sudden wouldn't let me sign in to my own blog to answer comments and I had to answer them like I was a guest. So frustrating! I'm happy I made the change.


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