Talking about Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis While Doodling – Vlog

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Just wanted to chat about The Metamorphosis which I recently re-read for the 3rd time. Also experimenting with this kind of video…not sure if I’m going to continue with doodles or not, but it was kind of fun to make. 🙂

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  1. Mudpuddle Avatar

    this was kind of interesting… but slow; i didn’t (blush) make it to the end…

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    1. Marian Avatar

      No worries, there was nothing very groundbreaking revealed! ;D


  2. great book study Avatar
    great book study

    I finally got to watch this last night. Very enjoyable review of such an odd story. I read this a long time ago, and it left me with strange memories. I’m thinking of reading it to my preteens to see their reactions.


    1. Marian Avatar

      Ohhh, if you do, post about how it went! I got a couple of my family members to listen to it at one point, but they just thought it was weird. 😉


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