Just chatting about the life, books, and adventures of T. E. Lawrence (1888–1935). Lawrence was the young British officer who, during World War I, became “Lawrence of Arabia” – the face, strategist, and de facto leader of the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Turkish Empire. A complicated person, he battled greatly with conflicted feelings about his personal identity and his role as a “hero” of the British Empire.

6 thoughts on “A Life in Books: T. E. Lawrence AKA Lawrence of Arabia

  1. I’ve heard his name many times but never looked into his life — or knew what he did, really. I haven’t even seen the Peter O’Toole movie, and I usually hunt those down! Thanks for the ‘considered’ review of these books about his life. 🙂


  2. I have a biography of L of A but have not read it yet, but I am interested in the sort of books he read so this was an interesting video.


  3. Hi again Marian,
    I find T. E. Lawrence one of the most interesting men of “modern” times. He was a very learned man with many languages in his arsenal, that along with his command of battlefield tactics made him especially effective for this time period. I very much relish the era of WWI. Another wonderful post! By the way, I added you to my blog-roll, I hope you won’t mind.


    1. “Most interesting man” is a great way to describe him. Now that I think about it, the Great War era was perhaps one of the last generations who put value in the idea of being proficient in many fields/interests rather than heavily specializing in one.
      Thanks for the feedback (and featuring the blog in your list)! 🙂


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