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  • Finding Alice: From Wonderland to Looking-Glass – Episode 17

    What makes Alice in Wonderland a beloved classic?  This week, I review one of my childhood favorites and some of its creative film adaptations. Links Mentioned:“Pig and Pepper” – Disney concept“In a World of My Own” – Diana Panton 

  • Sylvie and Bruno Concluded

    “But oh, Sylvie, what makes the sky such a darling blue?” Last night I finished Sylvie and Bruno‘s sequel, which I had long been meaning to read (since two years ago!).  The two parts together make a truly lovely book, one I can easily call a favorite. While the Alice books feel more linear in […]

  • 4 short reviews

    Beowulf Unknown 3.5 out of 5 stars I feel almost guilty for rating this classic of classics so poorly, but I think it’s a book you either love, loathe, or feel lukewarm about. Pros:  The historic setting, historic dialogue, underwater/cave battle, and Christian perspective.  Added 1/2 star for Beowulf‘s influence on Tolkien’s The Lord of […]