Deal Me In 2015

  • 5 ♦ The Little Mermaid

    Not gonna lie…I cried.  😦 This is an original fairytale by Hans Christen Andersen (who also wrote the lesser-known “The Wild Swans,” probably my favorite fairytale of all time).  Most people know “The Little Mermaid” from the Disney film, and initially the plots are very similar.  A young mermaid, forever fascinated by the world of humans,… Continue reading

  • 9 ♠ A Sound of Thunder

    In this second round of the Deal Me In challenge, I was excited to read a classic by Ray Bradbury, whose works are new to me.  “A Sound of Thunder” is one of his best-known science fictions, and it’s about a man named Eckels who signs up to go back in time on a safari… Continue reading

  • 4 ♦ The Golden Fleece

    And my first story for the Deal Me In challenge comes from Tanglewood Tales.  How appropriate! “The Golden Fleece” is the last story in Tanglewood Tales, a sequel to A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys.  Through the frame plot of a young student, Eustace Bright, retelling Greek myths to his little cousins, Nathaniel Hawthorne takes… Continue reading

  • Reading Challenge: Deal Me In

    My intention was not to make any big reading commitments this year.  However….  😉  when I saw this intriguing challenge over at Behold the Stars and Classical Carousel, it just looked too fun (and feasible) not to join! The challenge is hosted at Bibliophilica, and it’s quite simple.  You create a list of 52 short… Continue reading

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