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  • First Impressions of James Joyce

    A video review of Dubliners:

  • Slow-Paced Life … Joyce and Studio Ghibli

    Finished Dubliners yesterday. Goodreads says I had been reading it since January 23… amusing. I seem to be a very slow reader this year. Having decided to exert no effort in reading, beyond reading as it feels right, I am creeping along at a snail’s pace and not an atom of reverse psychology has come […]

  • February Lately

    I am not sure how to start a blog post anymore. But I am running on very little sleep (averaging about 5 hours these days), so we shall forgo the creativity today and just write some words! Work has kept me insanely busy lately, and between that and other endeavors, I haven’t had the wherewithal […]

  • Still Reading

    My relationship with reading has changed. Due to the impact it has on this blog, I feel obliged to mention it and talk about what it means for the future. January has been a strange month, for starters. My life was turned upside down in the first couple of weeks. Not that anything changed on […]