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  • Two Views of the Twentieth Century – Episode 31

    We kick off Season 3 with two giants of 19th-century science fiction: Jules Verne and Albert Robida.  Both French authors, Verne and Robida crafted futuristic novels set in the 20th century, predicting changes in technology and society.  Join me in this trip to the past, which at times feels amazingly reminiscent of the digital world […]

  • Doctors, Murderers: Shūsaku Endō’s The Sea and Poison – Episode 24

    In The Sea and Poison, we find one Japanese author’s perspective on the horrific human experimentation carried out by Unit 731 “doctors” in World War II. A small addendum to my comment in this episode, that there were “no Nuremberg trials, to speak of.”  The Soviets actually staged their own show trials for some of […]

  • Empire and Extravagance – Reading Émile Zola – Episode 22

    Today, we venture back to 19th-century Imperial France, in two vivid novels of Émile Zola: The Ladies’ Paradise (Au Bonheur des Dames) and The Kill (La Curée). Links / Further Reading:Zoladdiction 2018 – FandaClassiclit blog

  • “Humanzees” and The Island of Doctor Moreau – Episode 21

    A magazine article provoked me to re-read H. G. Well’s sci-fi horror classic, The Island of Doctor Moreau. Join my trip back in time as I talk about a Soviet scientist, a British author, and human-chimpanzee people. Sources / Further Reading:“It’s Time to Make Human-Chimp Hybrids” by David BarashArticles referencing Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov: Smithsonian Magazine […]