Running a blog and YouTube channel is a labor of love. Sometimes it can even feel like a part-time job! I don’t profit financially from this endeavor, however. Hosting this website costs me a fee, and any ads you see on my videos are put there automatically by YouTube, with profits going only to the advertisers.

Several people have already been kind enough to contribute in various ways. For anyone similarly inclined, here’s what would help:

  • Comment on any book review to add to the conversation
  • Share links to my site or YouTube channel with people who’d enjoy them
  • Subscribe / comment / like my videos on YouTube to make the algorithm happy
  • Help me create closed captions for videos (instructions coming soon)
  • Buy a book from my wishlist

All that said, there is absolutely no pressure nor expectation for you to do any of the above. If you’re reading my blog, I’m really grateful for that!

About Me

Hi, I’m Marian—sharing a fondness for classics and other books here and on my YouTube channel. I’m a Christian, designer, and avid tea drinker, and my home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest, US.


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