Book Reviews

Below you’ll find the very best of Classics Considered. I’ve been writing reviews for well over a decade, so there are many more on this site (use the Search feature if you’re curious about those!). These are just the reviews I’m most fond of and/or which cover important works. And unless otherwise noted, I try to keep all my reviews free of major spoilers!

🌹 Fiction
πŸ“œ History or Nonfiction
▢️ YouTube video
πŸ““ Multi-part / in-depth review (may contain spoilers)

The categorizations are based on what I’ve seen online and my own personal opinions, not intended to be taken as perfect, objective, or exclusive.

Work in Progress:

  1. Ancient History & Wisdom
  2. Christianity
  3. The Renaissance
  4. 19th Century: Romanticism
  5. 19th Century: Christian Existentialism
  6. 19th Century: Realism & Naturalism
  7. 20th Century
  8. Contemporary