T.E. Lawrence

Have you ever watched a movie that was really formative for you? That is how I felt after viewing Lawrence of Arabia in 2015. Only, I didn’t realize just how formative this story would become until I started reading Seven Pillars of Wisdom and then . . . well, anything related to T.E. Lawrence that I could find.

While I will never tire of reading about “Ned” or Ned’s writing, I am ready for a bit of a break. You can see my whole Goodreads shelf here, along with books already read. The books I own which I would like to read before closing this chapter (ha, ha) are the following:

  • The Boy In The Mask: The Hidden World of Lawrence of Arabia – Dick Benson-Gyles
  • George: A Novel of T.E. Lawrence – E.B. Lomax
  • A Peace To End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation the Modern Middle East – David Fromkin

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