Never Let Me Go – Reaction

I’ve now read 6 1/2 books by Kazuo Ishiguro. At his best, he’s my favorite writer in the world: subtle, poignant, and deft at infusing hard questions into personal stories. Some of his novels just don’t resonate with me, though, and Never Let Me Go is unfortunately one of them. The premise – of clone children being raised for their organs – sounded horrifyingly fascinating and not as futuristic as it might have been when this was published (2005). The theme of how society can treat people as commodities is very relevant. Still, the book was highly tedious till the last part, and even then it barely picked up. The characters mostly felt more like placeholders than people. This was my second attempt, and while I did finish it this time, I don’t feel like I missed anything by the first DNF. However, I know others have got more of out it than I did, so do give it a try if you’re interested in the topic. I will give a more detailed video review soon.

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January Catch-Up – Five Reviews

I feel like this is going to be another whirlwind year in slow motion (yes, that’s a thing). Goodreads says I’m already behind on my reading challenge. Oh well—I’ve been reading, anyway!

Here are some books I’ve needed to review but didn’t feel like doing an entire post or video about. Naturally, it’s turned out to be a long post, so brace yourselves…

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