Nine Creepy Victorian Short Stories – From Stoker to Doyle – Episode 33

It’s October again: that time of year when you reach for a chunky sweater, a spicy latte, and, of course, a spooky book to read. In this episode, I share nine of my favorite Victorian short stories by authors such as Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker, and H. G. Wells.  You probably don’t want to read these at night…


  1. mudpuddle Avatar

    i used to read them all the time, but something happened: i don't dare touch them any more for some reason… i get too scared… or i value peace a lot more, is probably it…


  2. Marian H Avatar
    Marian H

    Yeah, I stay clear of the horror genre for that reason. There's a certain amount of \”scary\” that is beyond enjoyable. These nine stories are much tamer. 🙂


  3. Keely Avatar

    I might have to check these out actually……I will regret it though.


  4. Marian H Avatar
    Marian H

    I'm pretty squeamish – the only one on this list that I actually regretted was The Yellow Wallpaper.


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