1. Your stash is so idiosyncratic! As all stashes should be. I hope you enjoy them all!

    I’m also re-reading “Wuthering Heights” in 2020. It ended up being my Classics Club spin number for January at exactly the time when I’m looking to get back into reading more classics, and it’s hard to think of a more classic book than that. I had a very strange, almost spiritual, experience following the first time I read it (the book made a lasting impression on me) and this was 9 years ago almost, so I’m looking forward to reading it again and see what happens now πŸ™‚


    1. Oooh, maybe I’ll try to read WH in Jan/Feb too! It’s not short but I remember it being a page-turner. I have a feeling I might like it (or at least, appreciate it) better this time. πŸ™‚


  2. Looking forward to your take on Brave New World, especially when compared to 1984. It’s such a profoundly creepy book. Surprised that you haven’t encountered “A Doll’s House” before! I encountered it both in high school and college English lit classes. I hadn’t heard of that Sea Eagle book, either. Good luck with Descartes!


  3. I didn’t know you didn’t care for House of Mirth. It is a provocative novel. Age of Innocence is not as tragic.
    Brave New World is an excellent work to compare with 1984. One question readers try to understand about both is “who was closer to reality?” Orwell or Huxley?

    Good luck with all your 2020 reads.


    1. Yeah, House of Mirth just didn’t click for me. On the other hand, it’s not often that kind of first impression makes me want to read more by the author (*cough* Faulkner), so it speaks positively to Wharton’s writing!


  4. interesting to see your hands on the screen… i’m hard of hearing (76, remember) so i missed a lot of what you said since i couldn’t locate the volume control… but i heartily recommend all of O’Brian’s series: they blew me away. i did a post on Homage to Catalonia at some point, i think… second Stephen’s comment on Brave new World…

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  5. Wuthering Heights! Ha, ha! Good luck with that one! Your stash looks like great picks for 2020. I remember that you like Lawrence of Arabia and I think of you every time I see something about him.

    I do think you’ll like The Age of Innocence. Tragic in its own way but not quite as much as The House of Mirth. It’s still second to The House of Mirth for me though.

    Happy 2020 reading!


  6. Great list! Re. The Fall of Gondolin, although it comes first in terms of when Tolkien started writing it, it comes last in the internal chronology (which is Beren & Luthien-The Children of Hurin-The Fall of Gondolin, except that The Silmarillion starts with the creation of the world, so in some ways it seems like the best place to start). I think I like internal chronology better, but maybe it doesn’t matter (you will read them all eventually, right)?


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