Taking a look at my small collection of polar exploration classics, mostly focused on Shackleton’s expeditions. Filming this, I realized I really need to read Amundsen and Nansen and then do a sequel.

Listen to Shackleton talk about his first trip to Antarctica and climbing Mt. Erebus: https://youtu.be/OUTHZ_9tacM?t=56
South by Ernest Shackleton – Book review: https://classicsconsidered.com/2012/0…

2 thoughts on “Polar Exploration Books: Ernest Shackleton and Valerian Albanov

  1. i did a post on the Albanov not too long ago and really liked it… and i went through an exploration phase at an early age and read a lot of Shackleton material; he really was a man in full control of himself and all situations…


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