Band Names Inspired by Classic Literature

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is a fun one—book titles that would make great band names. As usual I’m going to stick with classic literature. Some of these might already be band names (if you recognize any, let me know!). Also, what genre do you think these should be? πŸ˜†

  1. The Man Who Was Thursday
  2. Tommy and Tuppence
  3. Lord Jim
  4. (The) Old Curiosity Shop
  5. The Brothers Karamazov
  6. (The Sorrows of Young) Werther
  7. She
  8. (Far from) the Madding Crowd
  9. Fathers and Sons
  10. (The Heir of) Redclyffe





10 responses to “Band Names Inspired by Classic Literature”

  1. Mudpuddle Avatar

    i could see playing in the “Fathers and Sons”, haha… i used to play in bands and orchestras a lot when i was a young clarinettist, but not probably in the sort of band you’re referring to…


    1. Marian Avatar

      Anything goes! One of these bands had better be a jazz band though πŸ˜€


  2. lydiaschoch Avatar

    Tommy and Tuppance is an awesome band name. What style of music do you see them doing? I can’t help but to think there would be humour included in it somewhere.

    My TTT .


    1. Marian Avatar

      Hmm maybe dream pop, kind of light and whimsical?


  3. Wendy @ Falconer's Library Avatar
    Wendy @ Falconer’s Library

    Tommy and Tuppence makes me think of Tuppence None the Richer, though actually, when they were being played on the radio, they made me think of Tommy & Tuppence!


    1. Marian Avatar

      I hadn’t heard of that one – that’s a great name!


  4. Sharon Barrow Wilfong Avatar
    Sharon Barrow Wilfong

    When I first read your post I thought you said these WERE band names and I was trying to place them. I do like reading about how bands got their names. Some of them are based on literature.
    I just looked it up:

    The Doors-named after a book by Aldous Huxley

    Modest Mouse-from the Mark on the Wall by Virginia Woolf

    Steppenwolf-from Hermann Hesse

    Stryper from the Bible

    Jars of Clay from the Bible

    Anyway, that’s a few.


    1. Marian Avatar

      Steppenwolf is really cool. Which reminds me, I have been meaning to read Hesse for years and still haven’t!


  5. Leah Avatar

    Tommy and Tuppence sounds like it should be a real band. I’d listen to them.

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  6. Sammie @ The Bookwyrm's Den Avatar

    These are definitely unique band names! I think some of these would be oddly specific (like The Brothers Karamazov, which is incredibly fun to say), but I almost want them to be band names all the more just so people can be confused, like … so your surname isn’t Karamazov? And you’re not brothers? xD

    Here’s my TTT post.

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