“One day, a computer will fit on a desk.”

Well, it only took 6 years for YouTube to recommend me this ๐Ÿ˜† , but this is pretty neat—British author Arthur C. Clarke predicting the future:





2 responses to ““One day, a computer will fit on a desk.””

  1. Gator Dad Avatar
    Gator Dad

    I certainly recall the year 1974. I too vividly remember when there was no such thing as a personal computer or cell phone…(except in old Jetson cartoons and Star Trek!) – I never used a computer in high school nor college as all of my assignments were either handwritten, or completed on a manual typewriter at the kitchen table. I was so happy when my parents finally purchased an ‘electric’ typewriter! Thanks for the video, it was a pleasant recollection of a bygone era.

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  2. Brian Joseph Avatar

    Things have really changed. I was in high school in the 1980s. We had computers on desks but they could not do very much. As you mention, the changes in this type of technology have been mind boggling. It is inconceivable what things will be like fifty years from now.

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