Top Ten Non-Bookish Hobbies

Here’s a little levity for this angsty day: my top ten hobbies outside of reading!

  1. YouTube – I’m one of those hypocrites who is proud for not owning TV, while watching YouTube all day. πŸ˜† It’s not all mindless… I listen to music and podcasts when I work, and sometimes political commentary in the evening, and then the occasional lecture or long interview. My current guilty pleasures are comedy skits and K-pop music videos (which I never-in-a-million-years thought I’d get into. See, people can change.).
  2. Music – I play piano and violin, when the mood strikes me. On my other blog, I listen to and analyze pop music.
  3. Cooking – A year ago, I set a goal for 2020 to learn how to cook. I started this past August, and now I cook every week and sometimes bake. Being mostly vegetarian cuts down some of the cost and unpleasantness!
  4. Writing – I love writing stories and poetry. I have a little book coming out in a week or two (self-published). More on that soon…
  5. Conversating – There’s few things so fun to me as long discussions about politics, religion, and history with someone who is open minded or at least won’t make it personal. Though I have strong opinions on certain things, I dislike debating from just one side; I prefer looking at multiple ideas and going over the pros/cons with the other person. I will sometimes play devil’s advocate if I feel a conversation is getting too narrow in scope. (My poor family is used to it now.)
  6. Decorating – Well, those of you who watch my YouTube videos know about this one. I’m fond of pictures, flowers, and figurines. I try to keep it budget friendly; most of it comes from Dollar Tree, Daiso, and Hobby Lobby!
  7. Movies – My family and I watch/rate movies together every month. Usually old movies (we have an ongoing Alfred Hitchcock project), but also costume dramas and indie films. I just started a Letterboxd account, not much on there yet but feel free to add me if you’d like; it’s sort of a Goodreads for movies.
  8. Walking – I used to walk daily and still love nature walks when I can. Recently, though, I’ve been getting my exercise at the grocery store (thanks, Freddy’s, for moving everything).
  9. Shopping – I enjoy shopping for home decor, lots of the time I’ll just window shop to see what they have. Hobby Lobby, At Home, Joanns, all those fun places.
  10. Sewing – To be honest, I haven’t sewn as a hobby in years, mostly for lack of time. I used to be really into it, making clothes and stuff. I still do small projects, like hemming pants, when I need to.


  1. A goodreads for movies! Sweet. I’ll have to check it out once I’m back online. Some social media-esque websites (goodreads, twitter, instagram, etc) don’t work on the library’s network because of filters.

    I’m in the same tv-youtube boat as you — I like to say I haven’t watched TV since 2008, buuuuut I do watch Netflix so it’s not as though there’s a difference. Youtube can be so weird with its algorithms…it promotes one subject obsessively if I binge on it, and then I have to go hunting for my other subscriptions.


    1. Yeah, I can’t even have a Netflix subscription, partly because I know I’d binge watch shows. Or feel like I had to since I’m paying. πŸ˜† Our library has a streaming service called Hoopla, and it’s surprisingly good. I have a backlog of stuff to watch, just need more time!

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  2. all interesting stuff! i haven’t figured YouTube out but mrs. m watches it a lot… i read or work on bikes or house things. i erected a 10X20 foot canopy so our old Toy Hilander with a sun roof doesn’t fill the car with water any more… projects like that seem to arise spontaneously in a serial fashion, never reaching the point where i might have a chance to relax for a while haha…


  3. Good list. I have a lot of hobbies, I suppose. I should know them because I always list them on the postcards I send out in my international postcard club: playing with my parrots, visiting over coffee with friends, road trips with my husband….


    1. That’s such a cool hobby in and of itself!!
      I used to have more social hobbies, such as going to the operas at the movie theater with my cousins. Sadly not possible this year, and the Met canceled their 2020-21 season. 😦 However, now that you triggered my memory, I am seeing that they are showing replays of their productions every night for free online:
      I plan to rewatch Tchaikovsky’s Iolanta (Nov 9), that was one I saw when it came out and it was really good.


  4. Great list of hobbies. I also watch or listen to youtube pretty much all the the time since I also don’t have any tv and don’t have any plan to have one. Recently baught a BT speaker and I roam around my room with it inside my room :p. When I cook I listen to songs, audio stories, tutorials, Ted talks and philosophical lectures. Although occassionally I need to come to my device since youtube being very sceptic nowaydays “are you still listening?” πŸ˜… I also love sewing also, did it long back in school course. Really liked your piano videos on youtube and looking forward to more. Recently saw LaLaLand and very much liked the tune. Although movie was okeish and very much predictable, not worthy for oscar though 😬


    1. That’s really cool that you know how to sew! I think everyone should learn at some point, it’s a great life skill.

      I haven’t watched La La Land, I’ll have to check out the soundtrack. And thanks about the piano videos! I don’t have a piano currently, but I hope to make more once I get one. πŸ™‚

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      1. Ya certainly, it’s almost 7 years since I am away from my family, I need to do pretty much all my stuff all by myself 😎. You can check the soundtrack it’s good (Y)

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  5. With you on cooking, writing, conversations and walks! Infact conversations take up a whole chunk! Like you do not own a TV and watch very little online; but when I get into watching, something, I really really watch it! I am so impressed about your ability to play violin and piano. Don’t stop!

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