Always Bring a Book

Yesterday evening I finished The Wife, book 2 of Kristin Lavransdatter. What can I say… it was kind of trippy! I thought it was far more interesting than the first book, but some of the drama was a bit much for me. I have more to say which I’ll probably save for a (spoilery) video review.

Now I am turning back to Woolf with Mrs. Dalloway. I like Woolf so far; there is something in her writing that speaks to me, but it’s hard to describe what. Maybe it’s the nostalgia, or the voice of an intellectual woman sharing from such a fascinating time in history. This book was first published in 1925, nearly a hundred years ago, but it doesn’t seem that remote at all.

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  1. Sharon Barrow Wilfong Avatar
    Sharon Barrow Wilfong

    I have a couple of Virginia Woolf books I need to read. The problem is I have such a prejudice against her because her world view and morals clash with mine. Still,that hasn’t stopped me from reading and admiring other writers and I know it would be good to read her.

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    1. Sharon, I had the same reservations, but I was pleasantly surprised by A Room of One’s Own and The Waves. I’m hoping this continues with Mrs. Dalloway and To the Lighthouse!


  2. Only read ‘The Voyage Out’ so far which I really liked – much to my surprise as I’d tried a few of her books back in my 20’s and found them unreadable. I’m planning on reading everything she produced – eventually! As I’ve mentioned before, Mrs Dalloway appeared as a character in ‘Voyage Out’ and I found her fascinating. I was SO thrilled that she had her own (admittedly thin!) book all to herself. I look forward to your review.

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    1. Her style certainly takes some getting used to! I love recurring characters (that aren’t in a series) as well, so I’m looking forward to The Voyage Out if I enjoy Mrs. Dalloway. 🙂


  3. I absolutely LOVED To The Lighthouse which was a surprise for me. As for some of the others I’ve read, I’ve enjoyed them but since her style is not my favourite, they have been average reads for me. But To The Lighthouse just resonated with me and I don’t really know why. Perhaps the feel of it? In any case, I hope you get to it because I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Cleo! The title is really intriguing to me so I’m sure I’ll read it 🙂


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