1. i’ve read the Cooper but not Wieland altho i have it… i couldn’t get the video gadget to work, not surprising as i’m totally incompetent at that sort of computer stuff lol…


  2. tx for the link! i couldn’t understand some of what you said because i’m moderately hearing impaired, but the pictures were glorious! Cooper is one of my favorite writers. i guess i judge writing by the personality i sense while reading and not by their use of language, which might be a fault, possibly… i’m not driven to read Brown by what you said, as believing as i do that most humans are nuts, i try to not get immersed in their imaginary problems, lol… more Cooper this year in my posts if the gods smile…


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the paintings! (Bierstadt, mostly. 😀 ) Also, I have started adding custom closed captions to the videos, so hopefully that will improve the video experience in the future…

      Your “personality” gauge makes sense to me. I feel that way with certain authors, even if I don’t completely care for their writing style at times (*cough* Chesterton).

      Do you have a favorite Cooper novel?


      1. i (haha)usually like the last one i read the most! his marine stories are thrilling and inventive as he spent a long time on sailing ships as a youth… Jack Tier i liked a lot, but not exclusively…

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  3. Excellent comparison of books from those two time periods and authors! I have not read either, but see the different storylines and ways of telling a story interesting to compare! I had found a very old hardcover copy of The Last of the Mohicans in a free library last yr, hadn’t yet read. And I am looking forward myself to reading more Gothic style novels & poetry along with Romantic era, which I’ve been more familiar 🙂


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