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Thank you very much to the gifter who sent me Emma! A reread of Jane Austen is on the near horizon…

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  1. cirtnecce Avatar

    So Adam is doing his Austen in August . Join in if you can. I will join after missing it for last few years and re read Persuasions to purify myself from the modern rendition on Netfix

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  2. Marian Avatar

    😆 I’ve heard a lot of things about that one!! Few good things, though…


  3. Cleo @ Classical Carousel Avatar
    Cleo @ Classical Carousel

    OOO, lovely cover and a wonderful read!

    Thanks for the Persuasion Netflix warning you two!!

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  4. Cyberkitten Avatar

    I understand that the new Netflix ‘adaptation’ is a HEAVILY modernised version. It looks a particularly hot mess. I’m going to consider my blood pressure & avoid it! [lol]

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    1. Marian Avatar

      A friend of mine said it was fun, if you forget you’re watching Persuasion…


  5. grllopez Avatar

    Beautiful cover.
    Persuasion is my favorite Austen. I don’t have Netflix, so I can’t check it out anyway, even if I wanted to.

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