St Patrick’s Day – Irish Music Memories

There is a lot of great Irish music out there, but one that really stands out in memory is this particular tune of “St Patrick Was a Gentleman.” My mom used to play it on the piano from The Book of a Thousand Songs (1918). Another one she’d play from that book is “We May Roam Through This World,” but I could not find a recording that was as slow and pretty as she played it (more like a gentle waltz than a jig).

Happy St Patrick’s Day to all! 🍀


  1. I did 23&me a few months back and found that I’m 64% “British and Irish”, which is disappointingly vague but gives me “Obnoxious on St. Patrick’s Day” rights. I’d planned to post some music myself, some favorite Irish folk songs. Will look forward to listening to this once home!

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  2. *64% “British and Irish* – LOL that IS vague. In fact I think there needs to be another word even more vague than vague….. [grin] Did it say which part of Ireland? Apparently (last time I checked) I’m 3% English… [lol]

    Catchy tune Marian – positively foot tapping!

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