Ten Things Getting in the Way of Reading

I like today’s prompt very much… It forces me to confront the 3-4 stacks of books I am supposed to be “currently reading” and ask—why?!

  1. Reading slumps – Quite a few books I’ve read this year have just been “ok” or even “meh.” These disappointments can really demotivate me from reading at all!
  2. Mental health woes – I try to keep it off this blog, but I have a long history with depression and other challenges. Now and then, it does affect my reading focus.
  3. Seasons – Lately I’ve been in a mood for doing things instead of consuming things. I’m not sure if it’s the actual seasons or just a season of life. Maybe both?
  4. Writing – I’ve been writing again! Working on some short stories and the rewrite of a novella.
  5. Socializing – My friends and I are all spread out geographically, but we still make time to hang out weekly over calls—a highlight of my week! I also attend a class at church, which is educational and lively.
  6. Exercising – I walk or jog at least every other day. Sometimes I’ll do some Bible reading via audiobook, but more often I’ll listen to music or a talk.
  7. Work (and other responsibilities) – Because you’ve got to have healthcare, and a place to live, and things to eat…
  8. YouTube (consumer) – I listen to a lot of music and talks, it’s my favorite way to unwind.
  9. YouTube (creator) – Making videos is like a part-time, unpaid job. I can easily spend all my free hours on a weekend just working on a video. It’s very fulfilling and I wouldn’t say it gets in the way of reading—it just takes a lot of time.
  10. Naps – I’ll frequently pick up a book, read a few pages, then fall promptly asleep.


  1. I never really understood reading slumps until I got one myself. I have recently been reading some “meh” books too and I actually kept thinking whether there was something wrong with me rather than these books because I had a number of problematic books in the row. I guess that happens, but it really obstructs you from reading or enjoying reading.


  2. Totally agree with mental health woes! It makes a book you usually love becomes annoying. For this reason, I always keep some light-fuzzy books around. So that when hint of depression comes, I can pick these books, and read for fun. So far it helps!

    The rest is, I believe, not really getting in the way of reading, but just things one would/should do besides reading. I see reading is a relieve from those many other things we do (or ought to do). Balance in life is everything to me – there’s always time for everything.

    Hope you’ll always find the joy of reading, Marian! ^_^

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  3. Reading slumps happen even to the best of us! And I can understand about the mental health issues. I never mentioned it on my blog, but I was struggling pretty intensely myself for several years….the late 2010s until 2021. It’s the reason I really admire Tom McDonald and Morgan Wade, because they confront it in their music. JBP and the grace of God brought me out.

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  4. I used to listen to music when I went out for runs but over the pandemic I switched to listening to audiobooks as I didn’t have a work commute anymore and I like to be “doing” something whilst I’m listening or I find myself getting distracted so I swapped to listening to audiobooks whilst running and I’ve not gone back, it’s been great for getting some extra reading time in.
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2023/05/17/top-ten-tuesday-420/


  5. I’m not exactly in a reading *slump* ATM but I am in a long term ‘go slow’. For a while now it’s been taking around an extra day (or two!) to finish a book. Not sure what’s causing that but I’d like it to stop, please.

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      1. I’m trying a number of things – reading shorter books, reading things I KNOW I’ll like, not taking as many risks (but at the same time wanting to try new stuff so I’m not being bored!)….. I’m managing to read enough to have two reviews a week available – but only *just* ATM. I want to read some longer books, but I just can’t ‘risk’ it until my review pile gets a bit chubbier..

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