Reading Goals for 2022

Yet another brief and troubled year comes to end. I will reflect on my 2021 reading soon, but first, goals for the next. (Because no matter what happens, the reading must go on!)

  • Read lighter books on purpose. – I read too many serious books this year, in part because I am a mood reader and that was my mood. Still, I will try to break out of that box next year. Wodehouse will likely make an appearance.
  • Find a good RSS reader and update my blog list. I’ve had such trouble this year following people’s blogs with my current reader (Akregator). That, along with people’s links changing, has meant I’ve missed out on a lot of posts. Must fix this!
  • Read more books recommended to me by others. I often come across good books on others’ blogs or which people actively recommend to me. I want to do better at reading them.
  • Read more books I own. Well, of course. Now why wouldn’t I do that. πŸ˜‰
  • Continue Reading the World. More Africa, Asia, and South America to come!
  • Read Dune with my brother. Should be fun!
  • Make no other goals. I have a hunch next year is going to be quite busy and stressful, so ideally I need to take it easy and not over-commit myself.

Reading Goals for 2020

Yes… it’s early, and I haven’t done a recap of my 2019 reading yet, because we still have over a month to go! Still, I thought I’d go ahead and share this while it’s on the brain.

Read What I (Already) Own

That’s right… I have a large number of books (20+), both fic and non-fic, which I haven’t read or only partially read. I’ve made so little progress with the Mount TBR Challenge in the last few years, it’s clear I need to focus on this mountain far more strictly. πŸ˜‰ Happily, the ones I own are pretty diverse in genre and topic, so if I go about it in the right order, I won’t get bored!

Read More Poetry

I’ve been writing poetry on-and-off for ten years—nowadays, I write a poem nearly every day. But I don’t read it as often as I used to or should.

If you have any suggestions of poets to read, do share! I am pretty well-versed (no pun intended) in Dickinson, Wordsworth, and Longfellow, and am looking to branch out.

Keep Reading with Others

This year I’ve participated in not one but FIVE readalongs. It was one of the best decisions of 2019.

  1. The Vindication of the Rights of Woman – Ruth
  2. The Four Loves – Cleo
  3. Moby-Dick – Brona
  4. The Art of Loving – Cleo
  5. The House of Mirth – Cleo

I’m considering hosting two readalongs in 2020: Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad + An Image of Africa by Chinua Achebe (criticism of Conrad’s novella). They are all short books under 200 pages. Let me know if you have any interest…

Keep Reading Non-Fiction

As of today, I’ve read more nonfiction this year than fiction, which is terrifically unusual. Though I want to maintain a focus on classic literature, I plan to continue reading plenty of non-fic, because I’ve learned so much from it.

And—that’s all. You know I’m bad at challenges, so a sort of unspoken rule for me at this point is not to sign up for challenges. 😳 That said, I’m hoping to make a dent in my Classics Club list (which should happen organically if I stick to these goals).