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  • Books for the End of December / Christmas Break

    Books for the End of December / Christmas Break

    It’s rapidly approaching my most reading-ful time of year . . . the time-off I take around Christmas! This year, it is only going to be one week—I am saving up PTO for some thing splendid—but I intend to read a fair bit anyways. First off, and hopefully before break even starts, I shall finish […]

  • October, Lately – Readings & Watchings

    October, Lately – Readings & Watchings

    “Life has been hard lately, but I keep on trucking . . .” This sort of thing seems to be an increasingly common refrain of mine, and I am getting tired of it. In this post, I shall focus on the good things. πŸ˜‰ Readings I am reading again! Mainly, these two (yes, they are […]

  • Where’s My Summer?

    Today I was scrolling through Goodreads and got hit by a funny feeling of nostalgia. Seeing other people had finished books one after the other, I felt both inspired and a bit saddened. These past few months have been weird on several fronts, with so many changes in my personal life, good and bad. I […]

  • Frederick the Great on The Prince

    I will defend humanity against this monster which wants to destroy it; I dare to oppose Reason and Justice to sophism and crime; and I ventured my reflections on Machiavel’s Prince, chapter by chapter, so that the antidote is immediately near the poison. I always have regarded The Prince as one of the most dangerous […]

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