2016 Mount TBR Challenge

Despite my truly abysmal record at reading challenges (basically, I failed every one I ever tried), I still haven’t got the sense to give up.  😉  One popular challenge that comes around every year is the Mount TBR Challenge.  Essentially the goal is to read books that have been on the stack for a while, especially ones you own and have never read before.  This is kind of ideal…I own an embarrassing number of unread books.   But I do own them, which means I do want to read them eventually.

In customary fashion, my goal is the tiniest mountain, Pike’s Peak (12 books).  (That’s factoring in real life and Camp Nanowrimo and possibly other reading challenges, so not quite as sad as it looks!) These are my current ideas: 

  1. Pinocchio – Collodi
  2. Nutcracker and Mouse King and The Tale of the Nutcracker – Hoffmann, Dumas
  3. Memories of the Future – Krzhizhanovsky
  4. Joan of Arc: In Her Own Words
  5. The Silent World – Cousteau (another to-finish)
  6. Dracula’s Guest – Stoker
  7. An Artist of the Floating World – Ishiguro
  8. Tales of Unrest – Conrad
  9. Works of Love – Kierkegaard
  10. In the Land of White Death – Albanov
  11. The Red Badge of Courage – Crane
  12. Evita: The Real Life of Eva Peron – Fraser, Navarro

I think I’ll be off to a good start, if I manage to finish Seven Pillars before the new year.  🙂





    2 responses to “2016 Mount TBR Challenge”

    1. o Avatar

      I didn't know there were two versions of Frankenstein! Interesting… I wonder which one I've read….I think I'll join you in this one – and the same tiny mountain too – I don't think I'd manage 24 or more! 🙂


    2. MH Avatar

      It looks like the Frankenstein edition I own is the second one (1831), but if the 1818 has more science fiction, I'll probably like that one better. Although, I have a sentimental attachment to my paperback copy… I got it in England at an outdoor sale. The cover features a somewhat macabre close-up of The Gross Clinic by Thomas Eakins, and lady taking my money was visibly disapproving. 😉


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