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  • Happy Easter β™₯

    Wishing joy and peace to everyone today, and to those celebrating, a very happy Easter! Love in Christ, Marian

  • How I Read – A Bookish Tag

    This tag is making the rounds, so I thought I’d give it a go! Do you have a certain place at home for reading?I read in bed; it’s kind of a bad habit. πŸ˜† Once I get my own place, I plan to have a proper reading corner with a tea tray and everything. Can […]

  • If Victorians Surfed the Web: 50 Pseudonyms from the 1880s

    In the spirit of the last post, I rediscovered another gem from long ago which I’d always intended to blog about: Victorian pseudonyms! Back in 1880–1885, Lewis Carroll—author of the Alice books and real-life mathematician—wrote a series of math story problems for magazine readers to try to solve. Some participants mailed their answers to him […]

  • The 1899 Questionnaire

    Many years ago, I came across this fun artifact from the papers of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, meant to blog about it, and never actually did. This is a “favorites” survey which Doyle filled out in 1899 – basically like a modern-day blog tag! He has pretty readable handwriting, but you can find a typed-up […]

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