• The Bookworm Tag

    The Bookworm Tag

    Was tagged by Rachel at The Edge of the Precipice – thank you much! The (very simple) Rules:-answer the questions-make up new ones-tag people 1.  If you had to go into the witness protection program, and they gave you the option of moving inside a book, where would you like to go? Sherlock Holmes’s London.… Continue reading

  • The Give Thanks for Books Tag

    Saw this tag over at Rachel’s blog, and I really liked the theme and questions. Here’s my take on it—I made a video of my answers (soon to be uploaded to my YouTube channel) and also wrote them down below. If you’d like to do it, too, consider yourself one of my four friends tagged!… Continue reading

  • The Legends of Western Cinema Week Tag

    So… I saw this event starting up and couldn’t resist at least filling out the tag. 🤠 I have a fondness for Westerns, ever since watching Gary Cooper in Along Came Jones (yeah, the comedy) and having my expectations turned upside down. The rest, as they say, is history! Continue reading

  • Twenty(-ish) Questions

    As promised, here are my answers to all your questions! Thanks to everyone who submitted one; it was tons of fun. 🙂 The full livestream recording, plus extra questions, is on YouTube. Continue reading

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