Tag: Thanksgiving

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanks for the sympathies that ye have shown!Thanks for each kindly word, each silent token,That teaches me, when seeming most alone,Friends are around us, though no word be spoken. Kind messages, that pass from land to land;Kind letters, that betray the heart’s deep history,In which we feel the pressure of a hand,–One touch of fire,–and […]

  • The Give Thanks for Books Tag

    Saw this tag over at Rachel’s blog, and I really liked the theme and questions. Here’s my take on it—I made a video of my answers (soon to be uploaded to my YouTube channel) and also wrote them down below. If you’d like to do it, too, consider yourself one of my four friends tagged! […]

  • Grateful: Kafka’s Lost Writings, etc

    In my off-hours this week, I’ve been absorbing The Lost Writings of Franz Kafka. This little book is an enchanting diversion from social media. It also made me realize I’d been in a reading rut. Not for lack of reading, or even good reading material, but for lack of joy. It is funny that a […]

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