Grateful: Kafka’s Lost Writings, etc

In my off-hours this week, I’ve been absorbing The Lost Writings of Franz Kafka. This little book is an enchanting diversion from social media. It also made me realize I’d been in a reading rut. Not for lack of reading, or even good reading material, but for lack of joy.

It is funny that a writer such as Kafka could bring me joy. (The sketch about the bread loaf that refused to be cut was downright hilarious.) Yet in these forgotten excerpts, there is a gentleness and humor that pulls you in, without neglecting the darker shadows of life that he, like us, knew only too well. Kafka shows a human, even tender, side in scraps of writing such as “I can swim as well as the others…“, “I loved a girl who loved me back…“, and “I am fighting; no one knows it…” Then the irony—that he wanted all of this burned!

I am grateful, selfishly perhaps, there is still more Kafka to be read.

This will be my family’s smallest Thanksgiving yet, I think—just us. It’s technically illegal to meet with multiple families here, but we wouldn’t anyway because of my grandparents’ health. It will feel a little strange, compared to past years, but I’m glad we can still celebrate even in a small way. I’ll be contributing for the first time (baking cookies!), and Friday we’re putting up the big Christmas tree. So it should be a good time in spite of everything.

I have quite a stack of books to read and am hoping to make a dent in it this weekend. If all goes well, expect a slew of reviews!

I hope you all have lovely Thanksgiving if you celebrate, and a great day regardless. I’m so grateful for all of you!


9 thoughts on “Grateful: Kafka’s Lost Writings, etc

  1. Mudpuddle says:

    cookies! yum! i can’t wait until they invent a way to send them through the internet! the Kafka sounds remarkable; i’ve read his other stuff and have to get this: off to see what they want for it on Abe.. tx… darn they want 16$ for it…. i’ll have to wait a bit to see if it goes down (fat chance haha)


    • Yes, I’ve been on a cookie project lately! Wish we lived just a bit closer and I could bring you and Mrs Mudpuddle some samples. ๐Ÿ™‚

      The book is a bit pricey as a new release, but I’m nearly at the end of it and still very impressed with the selections.


  2. Cyberkitten says:

    I haven’t read, nor do I own, any Kafka presently. I need to look to that. I’ve seen/heard about LOTS of his writing so it’s about time I took the plunge. Have a great micro-Thanksgiving. I hope that your cookies go down well! At least next years should be a normal one. That’s something to look forward to.


  3. Probhakar Sarkar says:

    Best wishes!! Are those tables? Such a lovely place to sit, sunshine peeking here and there. I can sit there for hours ๐Ÿ˜€


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