Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks for the sympathies that ye have shown!
Thanks for each kindly word, each silent token,
That teaches me, when seeming most alone,
Friends are around us, though no word be spoken.

Kind messages, that pass from land to land;
Kind letters, that betray the heart’s deep history,
In which we feel the pressure of a hand,–
One touch of fire,–and all the rest is mystery!

The pleasant books, that silently among
Our household treasures take familiar places,
And are to us as if a living tongue
Spice from the printed leaves or pictured faces!

Perhaps on earth I never shall behold,
With eye of sense, your outward form and semblance;
Therefore to me ye never will grow old,
But live forever young in my remembrance!

From “Dedication” by H. W. Longfellow


  1. mudpuddle Avatar

    what an apropos poem! and many tx for the good wishes!

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  2. smellincoffee Avatar

    What a lovely bit of verse! Thanks for sharing it. Happy Thanksgiving. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cleo @ Classical Carousel Avatar
    Cleo @ Classical Carousel

    Love this poem! Such nice sentiments. Happy Thanksgiving and may you eat well and be merry!

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