I have started sharing movie reviews (of films not related to classic literature) on my personal blog. Here’s the latest one, on Darkest Hour (2017).

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Darkest Hour follows the early days of Winston Churchill’s appointment as prime minister, following after Neville Chamberlain’s resignation in 1940. Britain’s position on the continent is fragile and a German invasion seems imminent when Churchill takes office. Eccentric and often drunk, he must maintain a delicate balance in the political parties, as well as gain the support of King George VI, while making decisions that mean life or death for the common man and Britain as a whole.

Though the beginning was a bit awkward, overall I really enjoyed this film. The pace and script remind me of a play; instead of giving us a sweeping overview, it simply focuses on Churchill (vividly portrayed by Gary Oldman), his wife Clementine, and his secretary Elizabeth (Lily James, who played Rose in Downton Abbey), as well as the various political figures in Churchill’s circle. His speeches play a large role in…

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2 thoughts on “Darkest Hour (2017)

  1. we watched a movie about Churchill recently but i don’t know if it’s the same one… i think Mrs. M liked it but i thought it was not very like Churchill, and overdone somewhat… i remember hearing and reading about Churchill after the war a couple of years and i had a very different impression of him back then…


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