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  • March Forecast

    March Forecast

    Oh my dear February, you were far too short… A little reading check-in. I am 51 pages from finishing Kristin Lavransdatter (yes, I’m counting). Do you remember my video review of The Wreath from two years ago? I am also reading some history (TBA), picked up some new books (also TBA), about 10 pages into… Continue reading

  • The Woman in White (2018) – TV review

    The Woman in White (2018) – TV review

    This afternoon, I finished my month-long reread of Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White! It’s a doorstopper, just over 600 pages—an intricate mix of anxiety-inducing action, tedious legal investigations, and quirky characters that made me laugh out loud (and sigh a little). I’ll review the book properly once I have more time at my disposal.… Continue reading

  • October, Lately – Readings & Watchings

    October, Lately – Readings & Watchings

    “Life has been hard lately, but I keep on trucking . . .” This sort of thing seems to be an increasingly common refrain of mine, and I am getting tired of it. In this post, I shall focus on the good things. 😉 Readings I am reading again! Mainly, these two (yes, they are… Continue reading

  • Over the Garden Wall (2014)

    Over the Garden Wall (2014)

    I haven’t been watching much these days apart from Rings of Power, but this week I stumbled upon a delightful animated series called Over the Garden Wall. It’s a 10-part miniseries following two boys, Greg and Wirt, who are lost in the woods and the many quirky characters and adventures they encounter on their journey… Continue reading

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