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  • Christmas wishes

    Christmas wishes

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I am looking forward to Christmas Eve service at my new church today, and next week—a personal readathon! Stay safe, warm, and peaceful. ❤

  • In Praise of Library Books

    In Praise of Library Books

    The other day, I sojourned to my local library to pick up a book I had started on ebook from another library and which would soon be due. You know you’re a book nerd when this sort of thing happens. This was only my second time at this particular library, and I was pleasantly reminded […]

  • Starting Over in October

    Dear readers, September was a rough month on all fronts—work, life, mental health. When October finally crept up on me, I was a little sad time had passed so quickly and in such dreary ways. Happily, the change has been for the better, and I can at last feel the spark of hope Jordan expresses […]

  • Autumn: Learning to Learn Again

    One of the quirks of growing up is acclimating yourself to 18 years of summer holidays and then being launched into a lifetime of monotonous routine, interrupted only by such breaks as you save up for and which vary from year to year. Solving difficult tasks is what you’re paid to do, summer becomes the […]