March Forecast

Oh my dear February, you were far too short…

A little reading check-in. I am 51 pages from finishing Kristin Lavransdatter (yes, I’m counting). Do you remember my video review of The Wreath from two years ago? I am also reading some history (TBA), picked up some new books (also TBA), about 10 pages into Confessions, and several essays into Huxley. But Kristin has my fullest attention at the moment.

My long-suffering YouTube channel has fallen by the wayside. A whirlpool of recent events (not least of which, my computer threatening its sudden demise) has left me reluctant to work on videos. I have lots of material in mind, including that promised review of The Woman in White. I am just feeling a little uninspired and uncertain when it will happen now. After recovering from my cold, I seem even more drained of energy, if that’s possible (!).

So…March will probably be taxes, and other paperwork, and upgrading my OS. 😐

On a brighter note, my sister and I watched another Studio Ghibli last weekend, Castle in the Sky.

This was a sweet little movie that had a lot of things I love in a story… airships, cute friendship, and a mad scientist (of sorts). Now that I think about it, it almost feels like a remix of The Magician’s Nephew… could Miyazaki been partly inspired by it? Either way, very enjoyable for me and surprisingly deep, in parts.


    1. I’m on Linux Mint 19, been needing to upgrade for a while but never had a reason to until recently haha.
      And… I marathoned KL last night! It was a rollercoaster up to the very end!

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