• March Forecast

    March Forecast

    Oh my dear February, you were far too short… A little reading check-in. I am 51 pages from finishing Kristin Lavransdatter (yes, I’m counting). Do you remember my video review of The Wreath from two years ago? I am also reading some history (TBA), picked up some new books (also TBA), about 10 pages into… Continue reading

  • A Reading Check-In

    A Reading Check-In

    Midway through January and I am feeling keenly the reality of having set too many goals for this month. I have several major projects going on, reading being just one of them… I have not started any new books for the War & Pacifism project, but a friend recommended Rousseau’s The Social Contract as a… Continue reading

  • 📝 Christmas Reading Check-In

    📝 Christmas Reading Check-In

    My break draws to an end, but there is still plenty of time to read left! Here is where I am at so far… Finished Look at Me by Anita Brookner – I did a deep dive of this novel on YouTube. Wasn’t planning to, but I think it deserved it. Definitely a downer, so… Continue reading

  • Comment Woes

    Comment Woes

    I’ve been alerted to the fact that WordPress is once again diverting some of my real commenters’ messages to the spam box. 🤦🏻‍♀️ So far I have not found a way to fix this. Unfortunately, I get too many spam comments to turn off the filter, and WP gives me the option to block people… Continue reading

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Hi, I’m Marian—sharing a fondness for classics and other books here and on my YouTube channel. I’m a Christian, designer, and avid tea drinker, and my home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest, US.


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