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  • Christmas wishes

    Christmas wishes

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I am looking forward to Christmas Eve service at my new church today, and next week—a personal readathon! Stay safe, warm, and peaceful. ❤

  • Christmas 2021

    It is past midnight, and Old St. Nicholas just passed by. Luckily, we are very good friends, so instead of getting upset I was awake, he sampled some gingerbread cookies and hot apple cider while I showed him my Christmas decor. “I scaled things back this year,” I admitted, as we stopped in front of […]

  • Christmas Thoughts, Reading Highlights, & Winding Down the Year

    Merry Christmas Eve, all! I’m not always good at posting on holidays, so I’m writing this at 10:00 PM Christmas-Eve Eve, Pacific time, to make sure I didn’t miss it.

  • Catching My Breath – Christmastime, Dante, and Beyond…

    After patiently saving vacation days, today I can at last disconnect from work emails and other stressors.  I really want to slow down even more over my almost two-week holiday, beginning with these last few days of Advent. One of my favorite family traditions is putting up a tree with my brother and sister.  My […]

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