P.G. Wodehouse Meets Fred Astaire… Meets Gershwin!

Last night, we watched an old movie called A Damsel in Distress. It features a story by Wodehouse, music by Gershwin, and Mr. Astaire as a hapless American who falls in love with Lady Alyce, a British aristocrat played by Joan Fontaine.

My sister and I really enjoyed it. There’s not a lot to say about the story—it’s just a delightful rom-com that is determinedly not serious, only 100% Wodehousian boisterous fluff. If you just want to unwind with some old-fashioned corny humor and toe-tapping swing music, this is the movie for you. I hear there’s also an original novel that can be read. But then you’d miss this:





4 responses to “P.G. Wodehouse Meets Fred Astaire… Meets Gershwin!”

  1. smellincoffee Avatar

    I had no idea this existed! Will definitely have to look for it.

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  2. Cyberkitten Avatar

    Book was published in 1919 – the same year as the first Jeeves & Wooster novel….. [grin]

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  3. cirtnecce Avatar

    ooooh! Thanks for the recommendation Marian! My sister and I have a Sunday Night Movie ritual and it is always a hassle finding something we both will like! This seems perfect! We love Musicals!

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    1. Marian Avatar

      Aw fun! Hope you enjoy it πŸ™‚


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