Lawrence, Mrs. Hardy, and Rhododendrons

A sweet article about the friendship between T. E. Lawrence and Thomas Hardy’s second wife, Florence, and their gardens:

Though, as of yet, I have read very little of Hardy (or G.B. Shaw), the friendship they and their wives showed the veteran Lawrence is something I find very touching.

5 responses to “Lawrence, Mrs. Hardy, and Rhododendrons”

  1. That was actually a little sad. 😦 I mean it was a sweet story, too, but I did not expect that ending. Poor Florence.

    I don’t know if you know how obsessed I am w/ Hardy. Even his biography (I forget the author) was so memorable, which is how I got to know more about Frances. Anyway, if you consider reading Hardy, do you have a title in mind that you may read? I don’t think I have read any Shaw.

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    1. Now that you mention it, it’s ringing a bell! What would you recommend?

      So far, I have only read Far from the Madding Crowd, which I enjoyed reading, although I wasn’t very enthralled with the plot itself (if that makes sense?). I’ve seen Under the Greenwood Tree and a PBS adaptation of Tess (which left me a bit traumatized…). In spite of that, this review inspired me to try it someday:

      Shaw is probably best known for Pygmalion and being a socialist. 😆 Pygmalion is on my TBR because it’s the source material for My Fair Lady, one of my favorite movies as a girl.


      1. I want to see that film (1979) very much. I can’t remember if it was available on Amazon. I need to double check that. Maybe you should start w/ Tess or Under the Greenwood Tree since you’ve already seen the films. I wonder if Hardy’s books do leave readers frustrated and angry. I end up in argument with him. Except I though Greenwood was one of his more pleasurable stories. Maybe that is a title to read next.

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  2. I really liked The Mayor of Casterbridge but it doesn’t seem to be as popular as some of his others. Tess was just awful – beautiful writing but a terrible story!!

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    1. Ooh interesting! I’ve read what The Mayor of Casterbridge is basically about…it sounds very bleak as well. One can only hope Hardy was exaggerating in his plotlines, but then again, truth is often more terrible than fiction. :/

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