Tag: T. E. Lawrence

  • Lawrence, Mrs. Hardy, and Rhododendrons

    A sweet article about the friendship between T. E. Lawrence and Thomas Hardy’s second wife, Florence, and their gardens: Though, as of yet, I have read very little of Hardy (or G.B. Shaw), the friendship they and their wives showed the veteran Lawrence is something I find very touching.

  • To Begin the World Over Again: Lawrence of Arabia from Damascus to Baghdad

    If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’re doubtless aware I have a bit of a fascination with Lawrence of Arabia. After watching the movie in 2015, I set off to read Seven Pillars of Wisdom and anything else by or about the guy I could find. Which, as it turns out, is […]

  • A Life in Books: T. E. Lawrence AKA Lawrence of Arabia

    Just chatting about the life, books, and adventures of T. E. Lawrence (1888โ€“1935). Lawrence was the young British officer who, during World War I, became “Lawrence of Arabia” – the face, strategist, and de facto leader of the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Turkish Empire. A complicated person, he battled greatly with conflicted feelings about […]

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