4th of July

I’m always amazed and grateful for this blog’s wide, international audience. While most of my readers are from the United States and the UK, I also have a fair number of readers from continental Europe, Australia, India, as well as other continents and countries in smaller numbers.

Today is Independence Day in the United States. I don’t view my country in the same way I did as I was growing up. It would take a very long time—a novel, even—to explain why. You might find bits and pieces of the reasons scattered throughout these books reviews, if you’re reading between the lines.

There is much to criticize, and much to be grateful for. Having a public blog and YouTube as a young woman is a great liberty that many of our ancestors would have loved to have. The ability to make friends from around the world, based on technologies that originated first in warfare and then in the pursuit of information sharing. Origin stories are not always so black-and-white… just as God brought Joseph freedom out of his personal tragedy, good can be formed in spite of dubious beginnings.

So with somber reflection, I do observe the 4th of July, not as a idyllic dream but as a mixed reality, realizing a moment to recognize some of that good in the midst of the bad. To those celebrating, I hope you, too, can find such a balance. ❤

6 responses to “4th of July”

  1. Happy 4th of July Marian! Hope you and yours had a great holiday! I think it’s important to be realistic and yet keep hope ….and that’s true for countries and societies world over. We have choices and privileges like you said that our Grandma’s and many of our sisters around the world do not have. So we are grateful but there is still much to be done!


    1. Thank you, Cirtnecce! Well said.

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  2. A (late!) Happy 4th. I would’ve dropped a comment sooner but the slight changes in your Blog format confused me for a bit and I couldn’t find how to comment – getting OLD. [lol]

    Hope you had a good Holiday Weekend.

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    1. Hey Cyberkitten! Sorry about the confusion, and thank you! Hope you had a good one too 😀


      1. LOL- Not big celebrants of ‘Independence Day’ here…. But at least our weather has improved. You can even see patches of BLUE sky ATM, which is a nice change!

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        1. 😆 I forgot you’re in the UK! Well I hope it was a nice day in any case, haha!


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