Comment Woes

I’ve been alerted to the fact that WordPress is once again diverting some of my real commenters’ messages to the spam box. 🤦🏻‍♀️ So far I have not found a way to fix this. Unfortunately, I get too many spam comments to turn off the filter, and WP gives me the option to block people but not to mark them as always approved.

So… if you notice your comment not showing up immediately, feel free to let me know any other way you can contact me! I will try to remember to keep an eye on the spam box, at least on a weekly basis.






4 responses to “Comment Woes”

  1. Cyberkitten Avatar

    Blogger periodically does that too. I’ve even had my own comments flagged as Spam *weeks* after I posted them the first time! As it started happening with a vengeance about 2-3 months ago I always check for Spam every day now. All rather annoying….

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    1. Marian Avatar

      Your own comments!? Now that’s goofy… :/


      1. Cyberkitten Avatar

        What was goofier was that they were only flagged as spam days or weeks AFTER they were previously *successfully* posted…. How weird is that? Not spam… Hiccup… Now spam…. [grin]

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  2. Cleo @ Classical Carousel Avatar

    Yes, your site is looking a little disassembled. Hopefully you get everything straightened out soon!

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