Tag: Deal Me In 2016

  • A Deal Me In catch-up post

    Hello again!  Hope anyone who is reading this is doing well and, if it’s winter where you are, staying warm.  🙂  I was off to a good reading start this year, but the last month has been nothing short of hectic.  My excuse this time is I’ve been mentoring young programmers on a local robotics […]

  • 7 ♦ Hansel and Gretel

    I have memories of sitting in a computer science lecture and viewing a graph of what looked to be white noise.  “You may think it looks random, but a truly random pattern wouldn’t look so evenly distributed.”  This Deal Me In challenge is confirming it in every respect – my thorough shuffling may have been […]

  • Q ♦ The Snow Queen

    The Snow Queen byElena Ringo http://www.elena-ringo.com[CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons ” His stuff always makes me cry.  😦 ”  That was my summary note, on finishing “The Snow Queen.”  It’s true; either his stories have aged well, or I have aged hardly, but Andersen always gets to me.  I shouldn’t have put this one […]

  • J ♦ The Prince Who Feared Nothing

    Using my Lighthouses deck this time! The Prince Who Feared Nothing is another strange tale from the Grimm Brothers’ collection.  It is about a young prince who, “sick of living in his father’s house,” goes off into the world to end his boredom by having adventures.  As is usually the case in the world of […]