Eugene Onegin Read-Along ~ Chapters 7 & 8

Here we are at the final part of the read-along!  It feels like it’s gone so fast!  Truth be told, I still have to read chapters 5 & 6, so if you’re not up to chapter 7 yet, rest assured you’re not alone. 

The last week has been hectic for me, and I know the next week will also be.  I had some laptop issues and lost quite a few files, hence my unpreparedness for this concluding part.  Nevertheless, keep submitting your links – for any of the chapters – and I will certainly be reading them soon and writing a second post. 

Lastly, thanks to you all for your participation!!  It’s been fascinating to read your different insights, and really given us all new ways to perceive the characters, their motives, and the story.  Honestly, I could go on for hours dissecting the character of Onegin alone.  Perhaps some future year we could have this read-along again.  🙂

Eugene Onegin Read-Along ~ Chapters 5 & 6

{Summary of previous part + new questions below the cut.}

In chapter 4, Tatyana’s impulsive – and, for the era, improper – love letter was rejected by a polite but upfront Onegin.  While Lensky and Olga are living out the fairytale romance leading up to a wedding, Onegin refuses to take part in fulfilling the neighborhood’s gossip about him and Tatyana.  His attitude towards her, in his own words, is that of a friendly acquaintance, scarcely more than brotherly love.  He warns her to be more careful with her feelings, as other people will not treat her with understanding as he has.  Heartbroken, Tatyana must go on as if nothing happened, while still having to face the opinions of her family and inquisitive neighbors.

Chapters 5 & 6 Questions

– One of my favorite scenes is Tatyana’s dream.  How do you interpret it?  Any ideas as to why it is usually omitted from major adaptations (including Tchaikovsky’s opera and the 1999 film)?

– Chapter 6 finds us in the middle of sudden disputes and high drama.  What might be the characters’ motivations for such extreme actions?  Is it substance, or superficiality?  Is anybody right or wrong – and if so, who?

Ongoing Questions

– Reactions and/or predictions?

– Any quotes or passages that stand out?