Tag: Friday Thoughts

  • Friday Thoughts: Building Bridges with Books

    If you’re reading this, it’s probably Saturday already.  Being on the West Coast, I have a couple of hours of Friday left, so… “Friday Thoughts” it is. There has been so much sad news lately.  The Puget Sound area lost a police officer last week, and this week was his memorial.  Through my job, I […]

  • Friday Thoughts: Bookish Rituals

    It was a big deal, getting my first library card.  I was about seven and could just sign my name, sort of.  My ugly scrawl wasn’t good enough for the library card, and embarrassed, I knew it.  I treasured the card anyway. Dad took me to the little library every week on Tuesday or Wednesday […]

  • Friday Thoughts: Zeitgeist, Faulkner, and The Prince

    Friday Thoughts… a new weekly feature where I talk about stuff.  Excited yet? I don’t know exactly where this series will take us.  Per my blogging goals for this year, I want to share more candid thoughts about reading – reading as an experience and as a part of life.  Friday, as the week winds […]

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