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  • The Art of Loving – Questions on Chapters 2.2-2.3

    Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons Previously: The Art of Loving – A Ramble on Chapters 1โ€“2.1 This post will be rather more disjointed than my first one, as these sections left me with more questions than conclusions.ย  Bear with me! As for the picture – especially in this part, I was having […]

  • The Art of Loving – A Ramble on Chapters 1โ€“2.1

    This month, Cleo is hosting a readalong of The Art of Loving (1956) by Erich Fromm and On Friendship by Cicero. It’s a sequel to the Four Loves Readalong – which feels recent but was actually back in June(!!).ย  Fromm and C. S. Lewis were contemporaries (and Lewis’s book was published just four years later), […]

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